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Get an engineering survey.

Get a quote from a company like

Save your budget to
get the repairs done.

By the time the budget is ready there are 2 PROBLEMS:

The rate has changed
because the report is
now 2+ years old.

The bridge has
deteriorated beyond what the
report states.

We know nobody wants to spend the $50k on an engineer report
that will be outdated by the time you can afford the repairs!


It’s Time to

Our main process is to prevent your bridges from getting to the point of replacement.
With the proper repair procedures, we can keep you from getting there.

If you’re not sure you need structural, concrete repair or structural strengthening,
our experts will evaluate your structure.
We’re experts that have the knowledge and experience to get the job done.

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Bridge Budget Management Platform

We don’t want to tell people what problems you have.

We want to tell you the solutions to the problems you have.

Our structural condition survey does that!

Here’s How It Works!

1. Answer a few basic questions for us on this page.

2. We run a comprehensive condition survey; we’re going to do destructive and nondestructive testing.

This Is Not An Engineering Report

3. Get an ultra-fast direction to solve your problems:

Allow us to do a structural condition survey. The condition survey that we utilize is from the guide for evaluating structures through the International Concrete Repair Institute. We will evaluate your structure. We will evaluate the need for an engineering review. And at that time, we will give you a written report and tell you what the cost of the engineering that we feel might be necessary and the cost of the construction repair.

“If you keep doing what you’ve been doing, you’re going to get what you’ve always got.”

This is the Solution You Didn’t Know Existed.

We created the program that will change your process,
allowing you to be more flexible and working on issues that really matter.

Solving problems for the long-run.

Not waiting for things to break then scrambling to find the budget to repair.
Don’t leave things to the engineers and the client structure owners
that are dictating the industry.

The structural condition survey actual cost is $3,000 per bridge.
Restruction will apply this cost to any purchase made within 6 months
of the completion of the survey.

What’s the difference between:

Engineering surveys means all survey
activities required to support the sound
conception, planning, design,
construction, maintenance, and
operation of engineered projects, which
include locating or laying out alignments,
positions, or elevations for the
construction of fixed works.

A structural engineer’s report should
address a number of issues. Generally,
it should include a recommendation from
the engineer on how many foundation
piers should be installed, as well as the
type of piers to be used for the project.
When preparing the report, an engineer
will spell out their observations.

Restruction can provide a structural
condition survey which will include all
kinds of testing, identification mapping,
rebar corrosion testing, petrography,
project planning, budgetary cost
estimating, life cycle cost analysis,
preliminary project scheduling.

This Condition Survey is a vital
step that will minimize repair
costs, maximize value, and
ensure project quality.

Here is what we need to know:

Have you had an engineering survey? YesNo

If yes, date?

Do you do your own maintenance? YesNo

Have they worked with other maintenance contractors? YesNo

Who does your maintenance and repairs on your bridges?

Is your team qualified to do that work? YesNo

Do you find yourself having to do rework? YesNo

What's the average cost of a structural survey?

how many bridges do you have?

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