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Guy Boulden is Division Manager for the Utah office. He has been employed with Restruction since 2000 and been actively involved in the construction industry since 1990. Guy has filled other key assignments while in ranks of Restruction such as; Field Operations Manager and Superintendent. Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, Guy has managed and completed many projects from bid preparation through final close out.

Major Restruction Project Experience

LDS Church Office Building Parking Garage, Utah:
This parking garage repair consisted of partial depth concrete repair, overhead delamination removal, sacrificial anode installation and shotcrete placement. The helix and other ramps were coated with an epoxy membrane to protect the reinforcing steel and provide skid resistance during freezing temperatures. Work was completed while maintaining traffic flow and parking access.

Jordan Valley Water Treatment Plant Seismic Upgrade, Utah:
This project comprised of strengthening a double tee roof deck system using carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP). 30,000 square feet of CFRP was placed to strengthen the double tee panel joints, roofing membrane and unbounded grout slab needed to be removed followed by grinding and shot blast for surface preparation. Several layers of CFRP were installed to meet the strength requirements.

Intermountain Power Service Corporation Fan Stack Repair, Utah:
This project was completed over a 30 calendar day major plant shutdown. Twelve cooling tower fan stack assemblies were prepared, including concrete repair and coated with a 20-mil thick epoxy coating to stop vapor drive and suppress corrosion activity in the reinforcing steel. The project was completed on time and within budget.

Flaming Gorge Bridge, Utah:
This high profile bridge owned by Utah Department of Transportation was deteriorating due to corrosion of the top mat of deck reinforcing steel. Liquidated damages were written into the contract. Partial depth surface repairs below the top mat of reinforcing and installation of an epoxy membrane system was applied by Restruction personnel.

Sandpoint Bridge, Idaho:
This project consisted of bridge deck spall repairs, 1,134 lineal feet of expansion joint replacement, and 251,352 square feet of epoxy membrane protection in a 30 day calendar period. Liquated damages were part of the contract but were not assessed due to Restruction on-time completion.

Jesse Davis has been employed by Restruction since 2005 and has worked in the construction field since 1994.

Responsibilities: Overall management of the projects with the goal to maximize the quality of the projects in a safe and profitable manor. Oversee scheduling, establishing scope, solving problems with scope, equipment, material and manpower. Interface with project engineers and owner’s representatives to keep everyone informed on progress, discoveries, and solutions.

Certifications & Training:
MSHA; Confined space; Lockout Tag Out; Certified with Utah Safety Council in Scaffolding; Fall Protection trained; Rigging Training; Respirator Use trained

Major Project Experience

IPP Pipe Wrap, Utah:
Repair of 8 foot diameter prestress concrete cylindrical pipe. Recirculation pipes for coal fired power plant needed to be reinforced with carbon fiber reinforcing polymer during a two week shut down period.

Jackson Bollard Repair, Wyoming:
Repair of concrete element critical to aerial tram operation. The element is a 12 foot diameter reinforced concrete wheel resting tram cable forces of approximately 1 million pounds force. Concrete repair consisted of removal and bonded replacement of the outer 1 foot along the perimeter of 4 separate bollards.

Shea Building, Eureka Utah:
Project consisted of strengthening of existing masonry structural system including new “sister” footings, wood roof members and masonry tuck pointing. Shoring of building was required during construction to provide lateral stability to masonry walls. New second story framing was required.

Arizona State University Memorial Union Roof Tee, Tempe Arizona:
Project consisted of highly technical shoring system to support 950 pounds per lineal foot concrete roof tee members with minimal re-shoring allowed. Fire damaged concrete was removed from the stems of 5 roof tee’s and replaced using pre-placed aggregate technique. Phasing of concrete removal was required to maintain structural integrity

Town Pointe Condominiums, Salt Lake City Utah:
Repair of reinforcing steel corrosion in concrete beams supporting structural plaza level slab between two high rise buildings.

Sandpoint Bridge Repair, Sandpoint Idaho:
Concrete delamination repair using pre-bagged repair material and installation of 125-mil thick epoxy membrane protection system.

U.S. Magnesium, Salt Lake City, Utah:
Concrete repair to reinforced concrete foundation wall and reinforced concrete mat foundation in an industrial plant.

Murray City Vault Repair:
Reinforced concrete structural strengthening using section enlargement of concrete beams and installation of steel columns to shorten spans.

Hill Air Force Base, Ogden Utah:
Carbon composite positive moment strengthening of reinforced concrete slabs.

Campus Edge Beam Reinforcing, Tempe Arizona:
Shoring of three large reinforced concrete beams for dead load of 500,000 pounds per each. Addition of reinforcing steel, and addition of concrete section.

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