Hospital Helicopter Pad Repair

This Hospital has two helicopter pads for emergency services. Both the pads are concrete structures coated with urethane traffic membrane for protection and painted to provide the required markings. The urethane coating was not providing the desired level of durability. The landing helicopters were tearing the coating surface which made the structure more susceptible to spalling caused by freezing and thawing cycles. The coating needed to be repaired often to protect the structure. The owner was looking for a longer term solution.

Restruction Corporation proposed an epoxy overlay system to solve the owner’s problem. The system selected is two layers of low modulus; low viscosity epoxy seeded with Grade 8 abrasive flint aggregate with a Mohs hardness of 7.0. The 1/4 –inch thick system will provide the necessary structure protection, provide increased durability, and lower the maintenance cost. In the second coat we substituted portions of the flint rock with colored glass to create the required pad markings. This will eliminate the need for the owner to paint the markings annually.

One of the two pads had to remain open at all times. We were able to complete each of the helicopter pads in four days. The repair was executed as follows:

  • Take helicopter pad out of service
  • Survey and create templates for required markings
  • Remove existing coating
  • Repair damaged concrete
  • Prepare surface for new epoxy overlay by shot blasting
  • Install first layer at 40 SF/ Gal and broadcast flint rock to refusal
  • Remove excess aggregate and lay out markings for second layer.
  • Apply second layer at 20 SF/ Gal and seed flint rock and colored glass to match required markings.
  • Clean up excess aggregate and glass.
  • The system has been in place for approximately one year and the owner is very satisfied with the performance. If you have an application where this system might be an option please contact us and we would be happy to work with you to provide a solution.

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