Project Description

Sun Devil Stadium, located on the campus of Arizona State University, was experiencing the deterioration of fourteen concourse support beams and two grandstand location beams. Poor detailing during initial construction caused the corrosion of these steel beams. Subsequent stadium washdowns allowed water to penetrate to the beam tops, which then triggered the corrosion. The concourse beams required partial-area removal of the concrete topping, shoring and jacking of the concourse beams, top-plating the beams, applying an epoxy coating protection, and replacing the concrete topping. The grandstand locations required shoring of the concrete decking, removal of the concrete bearing end, repair of the support beams, and rebuilding the bearing end of the concrete decking.

Field Problems Encountered

  1. Jacking of concourse beams – not as expected due to fixed connection at one end. Resolved by structural analysis and determination that it wasn’t needed for structure at subject bearing.
  2. Lack of retaining nut – discovered at beam bearing, after concrete grout removal at beam pocket. Resolved through additional shoring and jacking of beam.

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