Restruction Corporation was asked to lift a structural beam that had deflection and posed a structural concern in a large warehouse. Our team applied an approximate 17,000 pounds uplift force correlating to 1500-psi gauge pressure, 7 feet south of the beam midspan. The beam uplifted approximately ½” as measured from the supporting column. A calibrated 50-ton locking ring BVA jack was employed.

The engineer of record was contacted by WT and notice was provided to set the column. The new column, supplied by WT was cut to fit, set in plumb position, and the jacking load was released. The column, now loaded, was initially set on larger shims set parallel and back a minimum 3” from the straddled control joint. The column top plate was welded to the beam’s underside flange per detail provided. The baseplate was grouted with non-shrink grout. Finally, the detailed brace was welded to the top chord of the adjacent bar joist at the centerline axis of the column.