Structural Repair Services in Utah, Colorado, and Arizona.

Professional Structural Repair, Strengthening, and Reinforcement.

Concrete is used to construct bridges and tunnels, stadiums, parking garages, silos, dams, etc. When concrete degrades, structural concrete repair techniques restore structural stability to ensure these structures don’t fail.

Structural Repair Services

Many planning and preparation steps can be included in concrete repair Pre-Construction Services. The industry utilizes a condition survey to determine the type and extent of deterioration. Budgetary Costing and Project Planning is also a key element. Engineers typically hire repair contractors to provide investigation assistance during condition survey and may ask contractors to review preliminary bid documents for constructability. These are just a few of the many steps required for a successful concrete repair project. Contact Us so we can make your repair project succeed.

Since 1975, Restruction has built an excellent reputation for durable and sustainable concrete repair construction. Our team of experts can compile many years of practical repair construction with technically advanced repair concepts to proof test your project or our proposed repair concept prior to full scale construction.

Restruction, a structural concrete repair and strengthening contractor since 1975, is a cut above the industry. Our construction force accepts nothing less than the highest quality work. We construct with safety, quality, technology, and value for our clients.

Restruction personnel are professional paid speakers for ACI Concrete Repair Basics and ACI Repair Workshops. We have presented projects at National Conventions for The Amercian Concrete Institute, International Concrete Repair Institute, Society of Protective Coatings and other organizations. Our presentations are technical and informative in nature. Contact Us if you would like an in-house seminar on structural concrete repair, maintenance or Structural Strengthening.